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Wes Eddington is the Craighead County Tax Collector and is responsible for collecting taxes for the entire County. The majority of funds collected go to schools and portions to other County offices as well as municipalities, city offices, firemen and police pensions, libraries, roads, streets, liens accrued for property maintenance, fire protection and improvement districts. This distribution will depend on exactly where the property is located in Craighead County “see Millage Rate link”. At month's end, all collections are turned over to the County Treasurer for disbursement to the previously named entities.

Your ad valorem (Latin for “according to value”) general taxes are billed one year arrears (2019 assessment is billed in 2020) and are calculated by multiplying the “taxable value” (20% of the appraisal value established by the Assessor) times the millage rate (a mill is 1/10th of a penny). “see Millage Rate link”

All County taxes are Due the first Business Day in March and Go Delinquent after October 15 of each year”

 Don’t be late!

*Any Real Estate or Personal Property Taxes NOT paid by the 15th day of October are considered delinquent and the collector extends a 10% penalty against the taxpayer (ACA 26- 35-501).

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Side note:

Craighead County residents are required to give an appraisal of personal property by contacting the Craighead County Assessor from January 1st to May 31st every year. Failure to do so will result in a 10% assessment penalty of the total assessment.

Visit the Craighead County Assessor for more information.