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District Code District Name Annual Reports
15 Big Creek Drainage District #15 N/A2022-152021-15
19 Whaley & Ark Slough Drainage District #19 N/A2022-192021-19
20 Little Bay & Whiteman's Creek #20N/A2022-202021-20
25 Drainage District #25N/A2022-252021-25
27 Drainage District #27 N/AN/A2021-27
29 Bay & St. Francis Drainage District #29 N/A2022-292021-29
31 Drainage District #31N/A2022-312021-31
32 Drainage District #32 N/AN/AN/A
33 Drainage District #33 N/A2022-332021-33
34 Drainage District #34 N/A2022-342021-34
35 Tupelo Slough Drainage District #35 N/A2022-352021-35
38 Drainage District #38 N/A2022-382021-38
BCW Big Creek Watershed DistrictN/A2022-BCW2021-BCW
BIDD Buffalo Island Drainage District #9N/A2022-BIDD2021-BIDD
BK FD Brookland Fire Protection DistrictN/A2022-BK FD2021-BK FD
BN FD Bono Fire Protection District2023-BN FD2022-BN FD2021-BN FD
CH FD Cash Fire DistrictN/A2022-CH FD2021-CH FD
CRDD Cache River Drainage DistrictN/A2022-CRDD2021-CRDD
EG FD Egypt Fire Department2023-EG FD2022-EG FD2021-EG FD
LC FD Lake City Fire Protection DistrictN/A2022-LC FD2021-LC FD
PH FD Philadelphia  Fire DepartmentN/A2022-PH FD2021-PH FD
PW Poinsett Watershed DistrictN/AN/A2021-PW
S11S Subdistrict #1 to First Slough Drainage DistrictN/A2022-S11S2021-S11S
S125 Subdistrict #1 to Drainage District #25N/A2022-S1252021-S125
S128 Subdistrict #1 to Drainage District #28N/AN/A2021-S128
S225Subdistrict #2 to Drainage District #25N/A2022-S2252021-S225
SFLD St. Francis Levee District2023-SFLD2022-SFLD2021-SFLD
SR FD Southridge Fire Protection DistrictN/A2022-SR FD2021-SR FD
VVFD Valley View Fire Protection DistrictN/A2022-VV FD2021-VV FD
WSDD Willow Slough Drainage District #17N/A2022-WSDD2021-WSDD

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Craighead County Annual Improvement District Report

Craighead County Annual Protection District Report

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