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Circuit Clerk Recording Fees:

DD2-14No Charge                                                                      
For Recording:
• Deeds
• Deeds of Trust
• Mortgages
• Release Deeds
• Power of Attorney
• Plats
• Survey Plats
• Notary Bonds
• Foreign Judgements
• Material men’s Liens
 Ark. Code Ann § 21-6-306 (a)(1)(A)
$15.00 for 1st page (1) side
only and $5.00 for each additional
A fee of $15.00 per additional
documents if a single document
lists multiple instruments. 
Not to Exceed $300.00
Ark. Code Ann. § 21-6-306 (a)(1)(B)
Mortgagee's or Trustees Notice of
Default and Intention to sell
Ark. Code Ann. §18-50-104  
$140.00 $15.00 for 1st page
(1) side only and $5.00 for
each additional page.
Waiver of requirement of Ark Code
Ann. 14-15-402(b)(1) for good cause
(at Recorder's Discretion)
Ark. Code Ann § 21-6-306 (a)(2)
Certificate of Assessment or any
other instrument not specified in
Ark Code Ann. 21-6-306.
Ark Code Ann. 21-6-306 (a)(1)(C) 
Copy of full-size plat$5.00

Circuit Clerk Court Filing Fees:

Criminal Appeals from District Court
Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-46(b)(1)
Initiating a New Case: (Civil, Domestic,
Foreign Judgements [out of state],
and all appeals) Ark. Code Ann.
§21-6-403(b)(1) and Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-416
For Re-opening a Case Ark. Code
Ann. §21-6-403(b)(2)
Civil Process Server Ark. Code
Ann. §21-6-402(8)
Renewal of a Civil Pricess Server Ark. Code
Ann. §21-6-402(9)
Subpoena Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-402(b)(1)$2.50
Summons Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-402(b)(1)$2.50
Writs of Garnishment, Writs of Execution,
and Writs of Possession Code Ann.
Transfer Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-403(b)(4)$20.00
Transfer Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-403(b)(4)$50.00
Certification Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-402(b)(3)$5.00
Petition to SealNo Charge

County Clerk Fees:

Marriage License$60.00                                                   
Copy of Marriage License$5.00