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Millage Distribution Entities

County General 

County Roads 

County Library 

Black Oak City

Black Oak City Streets 

Monette City

Monette City Streets 

Brookland City 

Brookland City Streets 

Jonesboro Police 

Jonesboro Fire

Lake City

Lake City Streets 

Bay City

Bay City Streets 

Caraway City 

Caraway City Streets 

Bono City

Bono City Streets 

Cash City

Cash City Streets 

Egypt City

Egypt City Streets

See Millage Rates


Separate Entities

Improvement Districts & Fire Districts

Fees & Liens

Brookland Lien

Jonesboro City Lien

Late Mortgage Payment Penalty

Utility Penalty

Hot Check Charge

Certificate of Indebtedness

Writ of Execution

Unserved Writ of Execution

Recording Fee

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